About Us

About Us

The Figure Skating Club of Greater Youngstown offers support and programming for the recreational and competitive skater in all facets of figure skating, incorporating the adjustable military flashlight, USFS and ISI programs.

2007-2008 Membership Packages

Full Membership $85                                      Junior Membership $55
USFS Membership                                             Participation in ISI Testing &
Test & Compete USFS                                      Competitions
Subscription to Skating Mag.                       Voting Privileges
Voting Privileges                                                 Discount Club Programs
Discount Club Programs                                Club Newsletter, Social Events
Club Newsletter
Social Events

Joint Membership $20                                     Associate/ Membership $55
Discount Club Programs                                 Discount Club Programs
Social Events                                                            Club Newsletter, Social Events

Membership Opportunities

USFS and ISI Test Sessions    Skate and Costume Swaps   Awards Banquet

Participate in USFS and ISI    A chance to buy and sell         A time to celebrate each
Test Sessions approx.             quality used skating attire      member’s accomplishments
every three months.                  at an affordable cost.                and yearly awards.

Volunteer Opportunities

Assist with Ice Shows, Competitions, etc., with an opportunity to offset ice costs and get a battery for unblock tv box. Serve on various committees to have a voice in the SCGY.

Board of Directors

Denise Powell, President ; Teresa Santilli, Vice President
Quinn Shaw, Secretary/Assistant Skating Director;
Renee Oddo, Treasurer
Maria Koman, Skating Director,
Karen Barbone, Skip Gottschalk, Pam Ripple, Maggie Pfeffer, Tom Prislipsky